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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

*DEEP goes something!*

Hi All,

First off, I am elated that the rich text editing toolbar offers "Georgia" as a font.  This font is very dear to my heart as it is the font I used for my very first blogs (Xanga then livejournal) in High School.  Back then, I mostly talked about cute boys, clothes, crazy adventures in the city, studying, and school nothing much has changed :) I've since made the switch to Garamond, but will always look back at this font with nostalgia. So here we are united...via Blogger!!

Okay. I'm getting off topic. So this is supposed to be an prospective MBA applicant I started doing my research (aka google searches), I discovered that there were countless such blogs floating out in the blogosphere. I do love my blogs and was fascinated by these thoughts people had and their obsession with getting into a top MBA program.  It was just like college applications all over again!  Some made me laugh (, some made me excited about motherhood ( and others made me wonder the sanity of people who I might be locked into spending 2 years with...(those need not be mentioned).

They were all so smart, driven, accomplished, yet in pursuit of this one thing that was uncertain. As in, there was never a guarantee whether or not they'd be accepted in their program of choice.  It's this uncertainty that sparked my interest.

So here I am...semi-anonymous. A few facts about me, which hopefully will not reveal too much of my identity.  I'm a proud inhabitant of the PNW (thats Pacific Northwest) and I currently spend most of my time working as a consultant, traveling extensively, contemplating the meaning of life, taking and posting pictures, being semi-coordinated in gym classes, talking with strangers and stuffing my face with delicious food.  I've calculated a good portion of my life is spent on an airplane, longer than the time I spend showering, eating meals, petting my cat, riding the bus to work or brushing my hair, hence the airplane themed background.

With that said, I am hoping to be raw on this blog, as it will chronicle my hopes, fears, musings, ramblings, rants, and anything else that comes to mind. I'm talking sashimi-just-imported-first-class-from-Japan toro tuna raw. Okay, maybe not that raw since I have been told that filters are good, and I should use one, and not just for my house....

I'm supposed to be up in a few hours at work...but while it's on my mind here's what I hope to capture through this blog:

My admission process (from choosing schools to the GMAT, writing essays, asking recommenders, all that good stuff)

Funny stories from work/life on the road.  Travel tips. Identifying details will be removed and key parties left anonymous. 

Questions about the application process, which I hope YOU can give me your 2cents (or fiddy cent to get me through the GMAT studying..)

and of course, Por qué MBA?  In other words, why am I applying for an MBA program now in my life? What am I looking for in a MBA program? and the eternal question....Is an MBA program the right path to my life goals?  

Any thoughts and comments are very welcome!

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  1. Hi Mango,

    I enjoy reading your website. I've found your website through Poets and Quants. I was wondering if you are willing to share how you are able to post on their website as a blogger? Thanks.